About Filmtett

The history of Filmtett began in 2000, when a group of young film enthusiasts started a film club and the omonimous monthly magazine containing studies, essays and reviews about movies. One year later we organized a filmmaking camp/workshop, providing some much needed film education in Transylvania. Later on we started celebrating our birthday with a small festival, which in turn grew to be the biggest film festival in Romania presenting only Hungarian films (we started giving our honorary awards 3 years ago, and we are starting our own competition soon). Our association later began diversifying with its activities including film distribution. That branch separated (called Clorofilm) and Filmtett Association took its present form in 2005 with its goal is to highlight and promote the values ​​of cinema in Romania and to complete the film education of minorities.

The Filmtett team (Papp Attila Zsolt, Buzogány Klára, Jakab-Benke Nándor, Zágoni Bálint)

We continued editing our magazine in print up until 2008, and then we switched to exclusively online format – ours is the only Hungarian-language website about films in Romania. At the end of 2011, we started the Romanian-language version of our website called Istoria Filmului. Here are the breakdown of our key activities:

  • International film creation camp called Filmtett Workshop (14th edition in 2015)
  • Film portal(s) concerning motion picture history, criticism and education: www.filmtett.ro (founded in 2000, currently 45-50000 visitors a month, edited in Hungarian) and www.istoriafilmului.ro (edited in Romanian);
  • Filmtettfest – Hungarian Film Festival editions, held in eleven cities in Romania (15th edition in 2015)
  • Organizing the Hungarian Day of Transilvania International Film Festival (TIFF), since 2013
  • Supporting the development of documentary films about minorities, in collaboration with the Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities (ISPMN): the Ukrainians in Maramures in 2012 and the Czechs in Banat in 2013
  • Publishing film-themed, specialized books in Romanian and Hungarian (eq. Robert Mckee’s Story)
  • Supporting talented young filmmakers with our infrastructure